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One of the most important parts of a wedding, yet least thought of when choosing a wedding photographer, are the details. A bride spends days, months, even years planning the special details that are to be a part of their big day, but fail to put them as priority when it comes to their wedding photography.

What do I mean?

Many brides are looking for the biggest BANG for their buck and will be willing to cut the photography budget to add those extra chair covers or bags of candy (I know, I was one of those brides many moons ago). The problem is that if you cut those few extra hours a photographer offers to allow plenty of "before" ceremony time to cover the amount of time it takes to really capture each and every detail in the best way, you are really losing in the end. Why spend a small fortune on trinkets and treasures for your wedding day that represent the love between you and your "soon-to-be-spouse" only to have very few, if any, great images of those details.

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