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Gearing Up for Garner!

We have officially hit 38 weeks and Mr. Garner Wade could be making his appearance anytime! I feel like I can finally say we are ready and that everything is ready for him. It has been a whole lot more harder putting together the perfect "boy space" than it was designing for Princess Aria, but I think we finally nailed it (literally). A combination of our love for rustic, farmhouse style with a few cute, woodland friends made for the perfect balance. There is so much love in this room from sweet gifts from friends and family, hand brushed artwork from our dear friend Kim, handmade pieces from his LaLa (stuffed blocks, diaper holder, pillows and more!), and of course all the handy-wood-working of his father. The wall, the crib, the shelf, and the toy/book shelf are all a result of his hard work. The countdown is on and God knows our prayers are for a healthy, happy boy and quick, easy, PAINLESS (LOL), delivery! We will keep everyone posted!

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