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Mr. & Mrs. Bank

By far, Laurin Bank is one of the strongest, most beautiful women I have ever met. She had not yet been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer until after our first meeting together. Not once throughout her planning process did we discuss cancelling her day, or even moving up her date. She was determined that this horrible disease would not ruin what would turn out to be the best day of their lives. Everything about Laurin screams strong, confident, and full of life! There was not one moment during their wedding day that you would have thought she was fighting this terrible battle. It was THE most perfect day and she displayed pure joy every second of it! Truly, it has been an extreme honor to be a part of such a memorable time in their lives and I ask that we all continue to pray daily as she fights for her life. *Please note that this is just a sneak peek of their wedding day as their full collection is still being edited. If you would like access to these photos for media release without logos, please request them from me directly for higher resolution rather than retrieving from the web. Thanks!

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