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Ben & Jaylin are Engaged!

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Ben and Jaylin's engagement session in New York, and was it a dream session! I met Ben and Jaylin on one of our mission trips to Long Island, and it was truly an honor when they contacted me about capturing their wedding experience. This past year has been filled with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, and when these two asked if I would come to them, there was no hesitation. We began our journey in Times Square, where "people-dodging" and "who's staring at us now" was the name of the game! But immediately I knew it was going to be a fun day. Every set either began or ended with laughter, and Jaylin's laugh makes my heart so happy!

This was one of those moments when I couldn't help but notice the reaction of on-lookers. Literally dying at this point!

Next our journey led us to Central Park, but first a quick ride on the Subway was necessary. I forgot to mention I brought the husband along. He has a tendency to photo bomb really important moments, but he is the best option when needing both help and a body guard.

Our first activity when getting to the park was to throw leaves, of course! I completely underestimated what fall would look like in The Big City, and it was amazing. We were informed by park workers that those leaves were not sanitary, but that definitely didn't stop us.

I also didn't realize the amount of hiking involved in this adventure, but the views made it all worth it. Thankfully, my trusty assistant was readily available to help any way he could.

What would photos at the park be without a little fun on the playground?

I think I probably said, "Ohh, let's just do a few over here real quick," a hundred times throughout the day. The stroll through Central Park was definitely longer than expected with so many phenomenal photo ops! Like when we just plopped down in the middle of a walkway because the leaves were magical.

Totally cannot remember which HBO series this was, but an officer informed us that we were passing through the filming of an episode, but how cool was that!

When I knew our itinerary for the day, there were a few spots and images that I had in my head as "must-captures." As we approached the famous fountain and walkway, I was in pure AWE how we were able to make every shot happen, just as I had seen it in my mind.

Then it was back on the Subway to finish our day in Long Island City.

I cannot remember what caused this reaction, but it sure was a good one!

This was one of those shots that I really was unsure would happen. The day had been really cloudy and I wasn't loving the sky when we first arrived to this stunning spot, but by the end of the session this magic happened!

We concluded our trip with a final Subway ride back to our starting point, and this was one of the last images I captured. Looking forward to their winter wedding and I believe "destination photographer" has a beautiful ring to it!

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